No Compromise!

It's true that we take every bite of our chips seriously. We go the extra mile (and more!) to ensure that you get the best quality chips. The test starts with cherry picking the best from our 100% imported potato selection. It's followed by strict operation practices and ends with an uncompromising taste test. That's why every bite you take of Mister Potato is absolutely crunchy and yummy. There's been No Compromise every step of the way.

Fresh from a Distant Farm

On a lush green farm, the best and healthiest Atlantic, Dakota Pearl and Hermes potatoes are carefully picked. We guarantee our potato chips are made from 100% imported quality potatoes and free from bacteria, fungi and pesticides. And this is why they’re so delicious!

The Strict Selection

As soon as the potatoes reach our doorstep, they’re put through another rigorous process. No spoilt and skin-blistered potatoes are ever used. Low sugar, high dry content, the right colour, taste, size and texture are just some of the things we look out for. Our selection process is tedious but there are no shortcuts to our delicious potato chips.

Clean, Peel, Sort And Slice

These specially selected potatoes are soaked in clean water to get rid of dirt and soil. Then the best potatoes are hand picked by our experts. Next, these crown jewels go into a rotating peeler to give it a fine, thin cut surface to avoid absorption of excess oil during the frying process. The peeler blades are replaced every two to three hours to ensure every slice maintains our #1 quality feature.

Frying Up The Best Chips

After slicing and dicing, our fine potatoes are washed in cold water again to remove starch from its surface. This prevents the potato chips from sticking to each other when fried. We then fry our chips to perfection in vegetable oil at 18°C. And of course, no animal fats or hydrogenated oils are used. We stick to a trans-fat free policy. After all, we make no compromise when it comes to your health.

The Ultimate Test

Next, the freshly cooked potato chips are channelled into a rotating drum to be sprinkled with our secret, mouth-watering flavours. Next, is the ultimate test. The tasting. Check. Taste. Check. Taste. Repeat again and again. Samples are taken and tested for taste every hour to guarantee absolute yumminess.

Packing & Delivering

After checking quality and taste thoroughly, the chips are cooled down to 45°C and below. This prevents unwanted odours from forming. To boost the packing process, an auto-weighter that can perform 18 measuring operations at a time is used. Potato chips are segregated by flavours and popped into different packs. Finally, tasty and crunchy chips are sent out to be enjoyed by everyone.